illustrations ©1997 R. Crumb

illustrations ©1993 R. Crumb



Celebrity cartoonist, reluctant movie star and now expatriate resident of France, Robert Crumb almost single-handedly instigated the undrgtound comix movement of the late ’60s and early ’70s. He has produced numerous comic books, magazines including Weirdo, prints, card sets and record covers, most notably for the first Janis Joplin album. There are many hard and soft-cover collections of his works currently in print. Several biographies have been published and an award-winning film about his life and art, Crumb, was released in 1995. The work printed in Rosebud 18 is excerpted from Mystic Funnies, Crumb's first all-color comic book, published in 1997, and colored by Graphic Classics publisher Tom Pomplun. It features the revival of two of his most familiar characters, Flakey Foont and Mr. Natural. Crumb returns to Rosebud in Issue 23 with a fascinating look at author Philip K. Dick and the curious series of events that defined his later life. This story originally appeared in Weirdo magazine in 1993. It was based on Philip K. Dick: The Last Testament, a book by Dick biographer Gregg Rickman, who offers a new memoir in Rosebud 23.

Crumb’s childhood reminiscence Treasure Island Days was reprinted in the first edition of Graphic Classics: Robert Louis Stevenson, with an introduction and new illustration by Robert’s brother Maxon, whose work appears in several Graphic Classics volumes.


Rosebud Issue #18
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Rosebud Issue #23
136 pages, $20