Nelson Evergreen lives on the south coast of the UK with his partner and their imaginary cat. A busy freelance illustrator, in his spare time he can be found working on any one of a number of comic strips featuring his inventions Shadowquake & Shnookie, Mark E. Moon, and Edith Rock & Hilda Roll. On top of this he’s hard at work writing and illustrating Roof Monsters – a children's picture book/graphic novel hybrid – and slowly piecing together a collection of absurd short stories provisionally titled The Bearded Hover-Pig and Other Nonsenses. The H.P. Lovecraftcard accompanying Christmas Classics was Nelson’s first work for Graphic Classics, followed by an adaptation of Poe’s “Berenice” for Poe’s Tales of Mystery. See more of Nelson’s art at and

Poe's Tales of Mystery:
Graphic Classics Volume 21

144 pages, color, $15



illustrations ©2010/2011 Nelson Evergreen