Graphic Classics: Ambrose Bierce


Featuring two all-new comics adaptations:

The Damned Thing — a man stalked by an invisible creature
adapted by Rod Lott, and illustrated by Reno Maniquis

The Monk and the Hangman's Daughter — a mediaeval tale of
faith and love translated by Ambrose Bierce,
adapted by Antonella Caputo, and illustrated by Carlo Vergara

Plus new versions of these features:

The Devil's Dictionary — the best selection's from Bierce's personal dictionary, interior and cover illustrations by Steven Cerio

Moxon's Master — man vs. machine; seminal science fiction,
adapted and illustrated by Stanley Shaw

And returning from the first edition:

The Stranger — horror in the Wild West,
adapted and illustrated by Mark A. Nelson

The Hypnotist — a history of crime illustrated by Michael Slack

Oil of Dog — a strange childhood illustrated by Annie Owens

Curried Cow — a hilarious saga in comics by Milton Knight

Plus an investigation into the mystery of Bierce’s death by
Mort Castle and Dan Burr

And Bierce’s Fables — a collection of 20 short pieces told in
comics and illustration by:
J.B. Bonivert, Mark Dancey, Shary Flenniken, Neale Blanden,
Jackie Smith,Florence Cestac, Evert Geradts, P.S. Mueller,
George Sellas, Dan O'Neill, Lisa K. Weber, Lance Tooks,
Simon Gane, Devon Devereaux, Chad Carpenter,
Todd Lovering, William L. Brown, Johnny Ryan, Nick Miller
and Roger Langridge

“The artwork is sensational, some of it beautiful, and all of it clever.”
— Don Swain, The Ambrose Bierce Site

Second Edition

144 pages, b&w
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